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Estate Planning Lawyer in Miami

Florida is one of the top two states in the country with the greatest federal estate tax receipts, totaling $1.98 billion in 2014. TrustCounsel’s Miami estate planning law office provides probate, tax law, trust planning and administration, and asset protection services to South Florida. Probate and trust administration in Florida is governed by complex codes. Miami, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, Miami Beach, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale and other Florida residents can avoid probate and save taxes by planning ahead with a comprehensive estate plan. For those who are uncertain how to settle a living trust after death, or how to protect their assets, TrustCounsel can help.
Miami Trust Administration
Properly drafted and funded trusts help families avoid probate. A Miami probate and trust attorney at TrustCounsel carefully creates trusts based on the wishes of each individual client. Principal and trust attorney Greg Herman-Giddens has a deep family history in Miami, tracing his ancestry in Miami back to the early 1900s. Through years of trust administration experience, our Miami law firm coordinates contact with beneficiaries, notify creditors, file critical taxes, and arrange assets for distribution. Our Florida estate planning legal team's meticulous trust administration helps families reduce their tax burden and avoid the lengthy process of probate.
Asset Protection in Florida
In 2015, the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform ranked Florida as one of the top 10 states with the worst lawsuit environment. FL asset protection is essential as the lawsuit statistics have only been rising. Business expansions could be limited or significant losses incurred without appropriate asset protection planning. TrustCounsel’s Miami asset protection lawyer creates strategic plans to safeguard your business investments and preserve your wealth. Our Miami estate planning office is experienced in planning under Florida’s unique laws, which ensures our clients receive sound asset protection planning advice and services.
Florida Estate Planning LawyersOwning Property in Multiple States: Types of Trusts
Second homes make up a large percentage of Florida’s real estate. Those who own property in Florida and other states have several types of trusts available to preserve their assets. One type is a living trust. A living trust simply transfers your assets into a trust you completely control. Our Miami trust attorneys can discuss other estate planning tactics to best preserve your assets, and review your current trust if it was created in another state. Certain tax liabilities may arise if an out-of-state trust is not revised when the individual relocates to Florida. TrustCounsel also represents firearms owners and creates Florida NFA gun trusts to protect beneficiaries through a secure transfer of firearms. TrustCounsel’s estate planning law firm operates out of Florida, New York, North Carolina and Tennessee, assisting individuals who have assets in multiple states.