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I need to get a power of attorney for my relative in Miami. Do I need a Florida estate planning attorney?

A Florida power of attorney should be drafted by a lawyer as this is a legal document that appoints another individual the authority to make important decisions about legal, financial, and property matters. There are occasions where individuals abuse this authority, which is another instance you will need to consult a lawyer.
On October 1, 2011, the Florida Power of Attorney Act was passed into law. This Act states the responsibilities for agents, establishes clear definitions of the agent’s authority, and institutes new requirements for powers of attorney in Florida. It is critical to have an estate planning attorney familiar with this area of Florida law to review existing powers of attorney to see if an update is advisable.

If you try to use a template or a do-it-yourself power of attorney, you create a great risk that the document is not sufficient in meeting your unique situation. For instance, most people are not aware there are different requirements for military powers of attorney and our Miami estate planning lawyer can explain how Florida’s law governs this area and what is needed to satisfy these requirements.

Our estate planning lawyers in Miami will also be able to advise you on the type of power of attorney you need. There are limited, durable, and general powers of attorney, in addition to health care surrogate forms. You may also need a lawyer if you are concerned about a power of attorney made in another state being recognized in Florida.

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