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Help With Probate in Florida

TrustCounsel’s Miami probate law office provides counsel for personal representatives of Florida estates. Personal representatives may feel overwhelmed with their duties. It’s emotional and stressful to lose a loved one and then manage complicated tax matters, inventory the decedent’s assets, and maintain deadlines associated with Florida probate. We help simplify and assist with any stage of estate administration, from creditor notification to asset valuations. Our firm can also manage fiduciary income tax compliance, estate tax returns, the decedent’s final individual income tax return, and we can advise on taxation of IRAs and other retirement accounts.

Our probate attorneys routinely handle proceedings that involve assets in multiple states, which is quite helpful in Florida estates that often involve seasonal property in other jurisdictions. We can also explain Florida’s Homestead Law and how that might protect the decedent’s primary residence from claims against the estate.

When an individual dies without a will, Florida intestacy laws can be confusing to navigate. Both testate (with a will) and intestate estates require a careful review of asset titles. A Miami probate attorney with our firm can clarify which assets will pass through probate. Our firm analyzes life insurance policies, real property, investments, and the decedent’s other assets.

Make sure your loved one’s estate is handled by a seasoned professional. Contact our Florida probate attorney to schedule a consultation.