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prenuptial agreement validityWhat would make a prenuptial agreement void in Tennessee?

Our attorneys draft prenuptial agreements in Tennessee. Executing a prenuptial agreement in Tennessee must be done properly to ensure assets are adequately protected according to the parties’ wishes. Even when agreements are prepared properly, a spouse may contest a prenuptial agreement. There are also certain provisions that are void.

If claims of coercion or duress are made, premarital agreement provisions addressing alimony schedules and amounts may be voided in court.

In the event it is discovered that a spouse was hiding assets or not properly valuating assets included in the premarital agreement, spousal claims may be enforced in court. This could void certain provisions originally included in an agreement.

Valid prenuptial agreements have limitations. Although proposed custody arrangements can be included in a prenuptial agreement, the family courts have the final authority on this matter. Family courts also maintain authority of the amount of child support a spouse would owe their former spouse. Provisions in a prenuptial agreement addressing child custody or support may be voided by a judge.

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