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Elder Law Attorneys

By 2030, there will be over 72 million people over the age of 65 in America, according to the Department of Health. How many senior citizens have organized an estate plan, created a trust to plan for future healthcare expenses, and signed medical care directives choosing someone to make medical decisions for them if they cannot? Statistics show, not enough.

TrustCounsel’s elder law attorneys help families and their aging loved ones in North Carolina navigate long-term care (LTC) financing options, such as LTC insurance, Medicaid eligibility, and Veterans benefits, and organize estate and LTC plans for their needs. With limited income during senior years, financial expertise from elder law attorneys helps families reap the benefits of trusts and federal benefits to reduce the stress of a financially vulnerable time.
Our attorneys can assist with planning for the future or dealing with an immediate crisis. The goal of our planning is to preserve your hard-earned assets in the face of the high cost of nursing care, while ensuring that you are receiving or will receive the best care possible. Learn about other planning opportunities in elder law: