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IRA Beneficiary Trusts: Navigating Drafting & RMD Challenges

TrustCounsel's Greg Herman-Giddens is the Expert Speaker for this Continuing Legal Education program:

IRA Beneficiary Trusts: Estate Planning Advantages for your Client
* What asset protection benefits are offered through IRA Trusts?
* Why IRA trusts are better for your client than other options
* Critical dates for IRA trusts

Required Minimum Distribution Rules When Using IRA Trusts
* RMD rules pre and post-mortem
* How to ensure maximum stretching for each beneficiary with sub-share trusts
* How to properly designate beneficiaries under the trust

Structuring IRA Beneficiary Trusts: Do's and Don'ts
* Drafting techniques to get the most overall protection and tax savings
* Choosing between accumulation and conduit trusts
* When a trust can prevent maximum stretching

Continuing Education Credit and registration information here.