What is a gun trust? A gun trust is a revocable living trust exclusively for gun ownership. Trusts are commonly used for estate plans, while a GunDocx® Trust is an estate plan for your firearms. It can be altered whenever the trust maker desires, and it can be shared on the trust maker’s terms.

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Just like a trust for an estate plan, the trust maker appoints a trustee with power of asset administration, as well as beneficiaries. The trust is "funded" with guns and accessories so that it owns them. A North Carolina, Florida or Tennessee gun trust attorney at the Southern Gun Law Group has experience in both firearms law and estate law. Southern Gun Law Group uses GunDocx®, a sophisticated planning system designed to help individuals legally acquire, own, share and transfer firearms the way they want. 

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Own, Share and Transfer Firearms Responsibly
Gun owners should own, share and transfer firearms responsibly with a GunDocx® trust. Most gun owners prefer using an entity to make it easier to acquire NFA firearms they can own in their state. Using an entity avoids the need to apply through your local Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) for a "sign-off" before applying to the BATFE.
Benefits of a GunDocx® Trust
  • Annual state and registration fees are not required
  • Avoid probate of guns after death
  • Allocate specific guns to appointed persons
  • Prevent accidental felonies should someone use or transfer a firearm as a sale, gift or bequest
  • Eliminates risks associated with owning and transferring firearms to others
  • Protects privacy, property, family and loved ones
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Risks of Gun Ownership Without a Gun Trust
The transfer of NFA weapon ownership or control, even temporarily, is considered a felony because of complicated federal legislation. This is true even if there is no intent to commit a crime. These are often called “accidental felonies.” Gun owners can leave their firearm collections to their loved ones with peace of mind through a GunDocx® trust.
Without a properly drafted gun trust, gun owners may put themselves and their family at risk. Simply sharing regulated NFA firearms with your family or friends could be a felony. Don’t risk it!

Penalties of Gun Felonies
  • Up to 10 years in prison
  • Fines up to $250,000
  • Loss of gun rights
Protect the people who are most important to you with a valid GunDocx® Trust from the Southern Law Group. Avoid free or DIY gun trusts downloaded from the Internet or acquired at a local gun shop. Free trusts, DIY trusts, online trusts, and any conventional living trust are risky. Most, if not all, such trusts are mention nothing about compliance with gun laws, which is what you need to protect yourself and your loved ones.
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