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Estate Planning Attorneys Serving North Carolina, Florida and New York
The skilled estate planning attorneys at TrustCounsel develop estate plans to protect your family, preserve your assets and save taxes. TrustCounsel’s attorneys focus on educating and empowering clients with the legal options they need to make well-informed decisions with their families’ future in mind. High levels of technical expertise do not prevent our attorneys from communicating complicated laws in easy-to-understand language. We strive to provide prompt, courteous, and personalized service while keeping legal jargon at a minimum.
In addition to North Carolina estate planning offices in Chapel Hill, TrustCounsel also operates out of Miami, Florida and New York City. Through these law offices, TrustCounsel provides estate planning, probate and elder law services to North Carolina, Florida, Tennessee and New York. Learn more about the different financial and legal services our attorneys offer.
Lawyers for Estates, Elder Law and Asset Protection
When it’s time to plan your estate or update your existing estate plan, finding estate planning lawyers with proven experience is essential. Our estate planning lawyers have the expertise to help you develop wealth-protection strategies and create estate plans to suit your specific long-term needs. We stay abreast of innovative estate planning techniques and relevant changes in the law through regular attendance and lecturing at continuing legal education events. At the same time, we take pride in our ability to present complex legal and financial concepts and tax information in clear, understandable terms for:
  • Estate planning
  • Elder law
  • Estate, gift, and income tax planning
  • Probate/Estate administration 
  • Asset protection planning
  • Trust administration
  • Business formation
  • Prenuptial and property agreements
  • NFA gun trusts
Some aging clients worry that estate planning may involve giving all of their assets to heirs and not having enough funds to live on. However, proper comprehensive estate planning helps manage and preserve your assets when you need them, and preserves their distribution after you pass. Estate planning is an important part of every financial plan, no matter the size of the estate. It's also an area that is often overlooked. With the right planning, you can save yourself, and your loved ones, time, trouble, and money and achieve peace of mind.
Estate Planning Attorneys
  • Attorney Gregory Herman-Giddens, JD, LLM, TEP, CFP, has two decades of experience in wealth planning, protection and management. 
  • Attorney Katie Muhlenkamp provides counsel on elder law and estate planning.
  • Attorney Samantha Reichle manages North Carolina estate administration.
  • Attorney Thomas J. Neagle provides counsel in estate planning and probate law, guardianship law, trust administration, probate litigation, corporate law, contract law, intellectual property and technology law.
Fees of Estate Planning and Asset Protection
TrustCounsel offers a wide range of estate planning, asset protection and elder law services at fixed prices based on the specific planning involved. We also have fixed prices for business formation services and offer percentage fee arrangements for estate and trust administration. Our firm handles most other matters on an hourly fee basis and accepts major credit cards. 
TrustCounsel is the force behind the nationally recognized and syndicated North Carolina Estate Planning Blog, the first North Carolina-specific blog on estate planning, asset preservation, probate and taxes.
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