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3 Mistakes When Making a Will in Florida

Posted on: April 1st, 2013
estate planning attorneys in miamiKnowing how to make a valid will in Florida requires a thorough knowledge of Florida estate and probate laws, pending legislation, and tax requirements. If you have not yet worked with an estate planning attorney in Miami or have tried to make your own will, you may encounter situations that could invalidate your will. A valid will is essential when you consider your heirs and your life’s work. One unintentional mistake could leave your estate tied up in probate. Our estate planning attorneys in Miami created a list of estate planning mistakes you can try to avoid when making a will in Florida:
  1. Not retaining a signed copy of your will. Individuals may have taken the time meet with a Florida estate planning attorney and invested in a properly drafted will. In some situations, this was done many years before and eventually the individual’s attorney passed away. There was no way to obtain a signed copy of the will. Unsigned copies of a will in Florida are invalid.
  2. Not updating a will. It is important to review your will and estate plan whenever a major life event occurs. A new baby, relocation to another state, the purchase of real estate or significant property—all of these matters should trigger a meeting with your estate planning attorney. Of equal importance, Florida estate and tax laws are not the same as they were five, ten, twenty years ago. Routine reviews of your estate plan will help you effectively protect your assets and structure them to maximize their value for heirs.
  3. Doing it yourself. Making your own will may seem attractive. With so many websites that offer low-cost will drafting options, it may seem like a legitimate option. However, research from Consumer Reports in 2012 shows that the majority of these providers are not offering documents that reflect current laws. “Saving” money by drafting your own will is really jeopardizing your family’s inheritance.

If you live in South Florida, find an estate planning attorney in Miami at TrustCounsel. Have your will created or reviewed by an estate planning attorney to ensure essential items are included. Failing to do so could be one mistake too many.
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