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TrustCounsel Launches Trust, Probate, and Tax Law Legal Library

Posted on: March 23rd, 2017
legal libraryIn case you missed it, TrustCounsel launched a collection of legal resources in January 2017. Long-time subscribers of TrustCounsel’s legal blog are familiar with the topics covered here and will likely find the Legal Library as an enhanced supplement to the subjects in blog posts. 

Created to enlighten individuals and legal practitioners on critical matters that surface in trust and estate administration, the Legal Library will be updated on a regular basis to address contemporary issues pertaining to probate, trusts, and related tax matters. 

A few of the current guides in the library address:
  • Trust protectors in domestic trusts, the powers these parties can be granted, and ideal considerations when selecting a trust protector
  • Tax issues in probate that executors can prevent, how to approach out-of-state estate administration, and how an executor’s commissions are taxed
  • Examples of how to avoid probate, property titling concerns, and managing tax implications of asset transfers in probate
  • Date-of-death valuations, tax implications for retirement accounts, and financial items to review when settling an estate
  • State-specific issues unique to North Carolina. (Forthcoming guides examine legal matters related to all of the states we practice in, including Florida, Tennessee, and New York.)

The library is open to the public and available at no cost. Sign up for the Legal Library. Legal Library “patrons” receive instant access and periodic updates when a new guide or resource is added to the library’s inventory. 
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