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Top States for Identity Theft

Posted on: December 27th, 2013
identity theftTwo out of the four states TrustCounsel’s estate planning attorneys serve have made the list of the top states for identity theft. A new report shows areas where complaints are highest across the nation.

Compiled by the Federal Trade Commission, the report details how many complaints are filed and where, showing not only the top states, but the top metropolitan areas as well. TrustCounsel’s estate planning attorneys in Miami serve the entire state of Florida, however Miami ranked highest for identity theft with just shy of 36,000 complaints in 2012. Out of the top ten metropolitan areas in the nation, Miami and nine other Florida metros took the spots.
New York is number five in the nation, with over 21,500 complaints in 2012. New York City is still recovering from a credit card fraud scheme that took over $13M from victims.
Identity theft may occur through a number of financial transactions. From auto or student loans, to credit card theft, tax scams, and fraudulent charitable solicitations. The federal government has also warned Americans to be aware of scams associated with the Affordable Care Act. The elderly are often targets of identity theft, and our elder law attorneys review Health Care Reform Scams here.

Although investment-related complaints were low compared with other categories (only .35% of 2,061,495 complaints in 2012), individuals can take steps to help minimize the changes of a stolen ID. The credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion) offer fraud alerts and the ability to freeze your credit file.

How did the other states our estate planning attorneys serve rank? North Carolina ranked 24th and Tennessee ranked 19th in the nation. Read the full fraud report here
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