TrustCounsel Offices:

North Carolina

Orange County

1414 Raleigh Road, Ste. 203
Chapel Hill, NC 27517

Chatham County

50101 Governors Drive Ste. 155
Chapel Hill, NC 27517

(by appointment only)

1415 Panther Lane, Ste. 534
Naples, FL 34109


Attorney Gregory Herman-Giddens, JD, LLM, CFP®, TEP has appointments available at all offices.
His email address is

He will be in Chapel Hill September 27-October 6, Nov. 8-17, 2023 and January 15-26, 2024


Attorney Lee Laskody is resident in the Chatham County Office and 919-376-2361

Attorney Brittany Porter is resident in the Orange County Office and 336-202-0973

Paralegal Terry Curro staffs the Orange County Office and 919-493-6351


Ashley K. Crone staffs the Florida Office and 239-933-2097


Mr. Herman-Giddens is licensed in North Carolina, Florida, New York and Tennessee.  He serves clients in those states, with a particular focus on Miami, Florida and New York, New York, where he maintains home offices (available by appointment only).  Mr. Herman-Giddens regularly serves as an expert witness as well as co-counsel or consulting attorney on complex matters throughout the United States.  LinkedIn Profile