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Estate Planning

Regardless of your age, marital status, income, net worth, or health – you need an estate plan. Our experienced estate planning attorneys can create a plan that is right for you.


Establishing, administering, and modifying trusts or serving as a trustee can be complex and overwhelming. Our experienced trust attorneys can help.


Administering a deceased loved one’s estate can be challenging. We’ll guide you through the process to give your family peace of mind.

Tax Law

 Whether addressing an immediate concern or forecasting tax implications, we can assist with current reporting requirements as we plan to minimize future tax liability.

We’ll handle your estate planning needs to help you plan for the future.

Working with probate and trust attorneys with proven experience prevents costly errors and ensures seamless administration. Our attorneys guide families through the difficult process of managing a deceased loved one’s estate and trust. We will alleviate the considerable burden placed on executors and trustees by offering comprehensive, ongoing advise.

Our principal, Gregory Herman-Giddens, is a board-certified specialist in estate planning and probate law (North Carolina), has a Master of Laws in estate planning, and is a Certified Financial Planner™. He is a frequent speaker and writer on a state and national basis, educating the public and other attorneys.

Stuck with an outdated trust?

Did you know that state laws now allow irrevocable trusts to be changed in many cases? If you are trustee or beneficiary of an old trust that could benefit from a change, we can help. Through our affiliated company, TrustProtector, LLC, we also provide trust protector services for added flexibility and control in trusts. For expert guidance, contact our firm to schedule a consultation.

Convenient Locations

We maintain offices in Chapel Hill, North Carolina; Miami, Florida; and New York City, New York.

Client Testimonials

"I appreciate your support and patience with me over the years. This was a mess before I hired you, and it was a huge relief when you took over. Terry, I can't tell you how impressive your professionalism and attention to detail have been.​ Thanks for everything. Sam, your advice on a slew of tricky issues has been timely and clear. I appreciate your hard work."


"Both Greg and Samantha are very good listeners. They understand the complexities of our personal and family needs, and they provided good advice and strategies. Our new trust document is long, 93 pages, but they provided an executive summary that was 6 pages long that was crystal clear and readable. Also, during our conference for signing the documents, Samantha was very accommodating in doing last-minute changes and in presenting a flow-chart diagram of how our assets in the trust will be distributed, should one of us pass away. Both Greg and Samantha are very knowledgeable of current changes in estate laws, and they have demonstrated to us that they are real subject matter experts in trust and estate planning."

Name withheld for privacy purposes

"TrustCounsel is my favorite law firm! I first used them [in 2015] when I received health news that landed me in the hospital for major surgery. Not only did Greg and his team thoroughly and expediently create an estate plan for me so that I went into my surgery with peace of mind, but over the long-term they have always been available when I need them. Greg and Samantha have routinely helped me with random questions and/or pointed me in the right direction whenever I’ve had follow-up questions about forms, titling, beneficiary naming, etc. They’re invaluable to me and my family!"


"We were very impressed with the knowledge and thoroughness of the staff in answering our questions and concerns. We were also very pleased with the patience that the team had in dealing with all of our questions. We feel very confident that nothing was overlooked."

Name withheld for privacy purposes

"We've used Greg Herman-Giddens to provide estate planning services for a number of years. He provides excellent advice and service. We trust his knowledge and expertise in preparing all our estate planning documents."

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