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Memory Loss Does Not Mean Retirement Loss

  • February 18, 2013
  • Tax
The elderly are at risk of financial abuse. Those with clinical memory impairments are at a greater risk. Retirement savings that took a lifetime to build could be lost unintentionally due to a memory slip or no longer having the ability to recognize financial abuse. North Carolina law protects the elderly from this type of abuse.
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How 3D Printing is Changing Gun Law

The term '3D printing' has been around for almost two decades, but it has become widely known in recent years as prices have become more affordable for the consumer market. They have replicated cars, jewelry, skin tissues, steel, and now a gun market may be growing for the 3D printing of high-capacity magazines.
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Why Do I Need a Foreign Trust?

Offshore asset protection, when executed properly, provides the ultimate creditor protection. Although there are many domestic asset protection options, foreign trusts deliver a higher level of wealth protection.
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