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CLEOs Required to Sign: New Legislation

Although the pending legislation is occurring at the state level in Utah, Southern Gun Law Group wants firearm owners in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Florida to learn about these changes that could influence our states to similarly change gun laws.
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Gifting Real Property in NY Under Pending Tax Law

TrustCounsel's estate planning lawyers in New York recently reviewed the possible implications of a pending New York gift tax law. The changes also include an amendment of the New York estate tax exclusion. With both these changes possibly occurring in the very near future (March 31, 2014), individuals who have assets in New York should review ways of preparing for the 2014 New York gift and estate tax changes with their tax or estate planning attorney now.
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Tax Reform May Limit Gifts

The Obama Administration released 2015 Revenue Proposals recently, featuring proposed changes to the American Taxpayer Relief Act. One of the proposal's new targets are gifts.
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