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Tax Preparation for Inherited IRAs

Non-spousal inheritances of Individual Retirement Accounts present a few tax challenges. Spouses have the option of a spousal rollover, often deferring taxes and distribution requirements. For non-spousal beneficiaries, extended tax-deferred growth of the assets is not as simple.
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Wrap a 529 College Savings Plan as a Holiday Gift

The average tuition at a private university in the United States was $30,094 for the 2013-2014 school year, according to the College Board. The amount will be considerably higher when today's children reach their college years. Instead of giving traditional holiday gifts for kids, set up or contribute to a child's 529 College Savings Plan.
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When is a Trust Protector Replacement Invalid?

Our trust attorneys reviewed how trustees can be removed and replaced in an earlier post—a procedure that might be expedited by the powers of a Trust Protector—and now a recent court case has brought attention to another matter: Replacing a Trust Protector
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Portability Deadline Soon!

In less than a month the ability to elect portability for some estates will expire. Here are eligibility rules and the required documents needed before the December 31, 2014 deadline.
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