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Three Florida Trends Affecting Estate Plans

Florida residents enjoy several asset protection and tax benefits which are helpful when structuring estate plans. However, the Sunshine State is currently experiencing changes that could alter how individuals approach their estates.
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Optimizing Wealth Transfer in 2015

The largest wealth transfer in history is slated to occur over the next few decades. Approximately $16 trillion dollars will pass on to heirs and other beneficiaries. How can high-net-worth individuals start preparing for the forthcoming asset transfers?
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Robin Williams’ Estate Problems

Following the death of Robin Williams last year, our estate planning attorneys showcased a privacy issue that surfaced in the media surrounding Williams' estate. While the estate appeared to be structured carefully with his spouse and each child provided for separately, his surviving spouse is bringing estate conflicts to court.
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Tennessee Gun Law Changes Proposed for 2015

Owners of firearms in Tennessee might want to keep an eye on nearly a dozen proposed changes to state gun law. Some of these legislation updates affect compliance with the National Firearms Act, transactions by gun dealers, and guidelines for firearm felonies, among several other items.
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Hidden Offshore Account Tax Scams

The federal government created new procedures over the past few years for tax reporting for offshore accounts. Taxpayers who avoid tax bills by not reporting international account income are violating the law.
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