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Trustee Liability Management

Trustees are responsible for the administration of trusts, however, they can pose risks to trust assets. Trust property could be compromised due to a negligent or careless trustee. Misappropriation of funds, mismanagement of assets, or another breach of a trustee's fiduciary duties could be costly to correct.
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Skilled Trustees Have an Obligation

Trustees have fiduciary duties throughout trust administration. Not all trustees are equally skilled or knowledgeable, however, uniquely skilled trustees are legally obligated to exercise their experience or knowledge to facilitate the trust administration.
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Estate Tax Proposals of the 2016 Presidential Candidates

As we progress further into this election year, Americans are learning about each Presidential candidate's values and vision for our country. Regardless of which candidate winds up taking office, the result of this election could bring potential changes to the federal estate tax that would likely have a large-scale effect on existing and contemplated estate planning.
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Why You Need a Flexible Trust

To some, the ability to amend a trust (notwithstanding the need for court approval) might seem contrary to one's intentions in establishing the trust, allowing the carefully crafted terms of their trust to be revised at a later date and possibly compromise assets. However, there are several factors that settlors should keep in mind when establishing an irrevocable trust that might ease their concerns regarding potential future modification.
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Why Create and Update a Firearms Inventory

​Gun owners with multiple firearms benefit from developing an organized firearms inventory. At times, some collectors resist creating a formal inventory due to privacy and security concerns. However, responsible gun ownership involves safe and prudent practices, both in storing the physical firearms and overseeing their maintenance.
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