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Estate Planning And Administration | TrustCounsel

TrustCounsel Launches Trust, Probate, and Tax Law Legal Library

​In case you missed it, TrustCounsel launched a collection of legal resources in January 2017. Created to enlighten individuals and legal practitioners on critical matters that surface in trust and estate administration, the Legal Library will be updated on a regular basis to address contemporary issues pertaining to probate, trusts, and related tax matters.
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Tax Scams And Alerts | TrustCounsel

3 New Tax Scams to Avoid

While some tax scams have become routine each year—such as fraudulent calls from parties claiming to be the IRS, and ads for 'free money' from con artists—modern times provide more opportunities for scammers to swindle innocent people. Read on for W2 scams, email hacks, and tax preparer cyberattack information.
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