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Waiting to Distribute Assets in Probate

An executor pressured by surviving family to distribute an estate early might be tempted to comply with these requests with the best of intentions. However, the executor might be required to personally pay estate debts if they distribute assets too soon. The personal risk of early distribution is often too great for an executor to oblige.
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3 Financial Guidelines for Trustees

Trustees have a fiduciary duty to impartially administer the trust with care and loyalty. The guidelines discussed below can help to ensure that a trustee is not found in breach of their duty. The consequences of violating a fiduciary duty are broad, ranging from penalties and damages to possible felony charges.
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3 Mistakes to Avoid as Trustee

While a trustee might attempt to navigate trust administration independently, a lack of professional guidance could contribute to mistakes. These blunders could eventually develop into court proceedings (and related court costs), fines, penalties, and/or removal.
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