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Family Care Maintenance
Family Care Maintenance

Our FamilyCare Program: Peace of mind for estate planning clients

The FamilyCare Program will help ensure your plan remains as current as possible and that all asset ownership and beneficiary designations are coordinated with the plan. Estate Plans, while typically comprehensive and protective when initially created, need regular review and updating. If an estate plan is not maintained, simple life changes such as new jobs or homes can spell trouble for executing an outdated plan.

Our FamilyCare Program offers many valuable features for estate planning clients.

Features include but are not limited to, email and phone access to attorneys regarding your basic plan, amendments to plan documents to change a name, and a three-year comprehensive review of your basic plan. Members also receive discounts on basic estate plans for adult children, on fees for estate and trust administration, and on future basic estate planning, living trusts, wills, durable powers of attorney, and healthcare documents.

Two types of plans to meet your needs.

The Standard Plan is best for clients whom TrustCounsel has prepared a Living Trust Plan or complex Will-based plan. The Premier Plan is best for those who have one or more irrevocable trusts, limited liability companies, or other complex planning in place. Call today to learn which plan best fits your needs.

Enroll now. Conveniently pay online.

Premier Plans

Annual Premier Enrollment for Singles: $795

Annual Premier Enrollment for Couples: $995


Standard Plans

Annual Standard Enrollment for Singles: $495

Annual Standard Enrollment for Couples: $695

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