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What’s your retirement distribution strategy? We can help.

Accumulating a healthy retirement nest egg is only half the battle when closing in on retirement. Finding the best strategies and understanding the most common issues faced when it comes to retirement distribution takes experience and planning. Speak to one our experienced retirement distribution attorneys to learn more about your options.

Here’s are a few items we consider as we develop your retirement distribution strategy:

  • Traditional IRA and 401(k) Assessments: If you’ve made nondeductible after-tax contributions to your accounts we can help you document and organize your records in the event of tax audits.
  • Taxable Investments: We help you prepare if you plan to sell taxable investments such as real estate as they are subject to preferential capital gains tax treatment.
  • Annuities Analysis: In most cases annuities are taxed at standard income tax rates, however, we may be able to reduce your tax liability under special conditions.
  • Retirement Resources: Identifying your entire retirement portfolio is essential when developing the best retirement withdrawal strategy. We’ll look at your pensions, social security, Health Savings Account, etc.
  • Determine Your Needs: Reevaluating your life after retirement is an important step to preserving your lifestyle.

Our experienced retirement distribution attorneys are committed to helping you plan for your future in the most effective and cost saving ways possible.

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