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Trust Protector Services

A Trust Protector has the power to make very important decisions impacting the trust and its beneficiaries. For more than 10 years, we have offered trust protector services through TrustProtector, LLC. A trust protector is an individual or entity appointed in a trust document who has certain powers over the trust and trustee(s) to help ensure the grantor’s intent is carried out and that the best interests of beneficiaries are maintained. Without a trust protector, some issues that may surface during the course of trust administration may be unnecessarily time-consuming and costly to try to address. Instead, a trust protector can have the power to monitor and control the actions of trustees, make administration changes, and correct errors. One of the most frequently granted powers is the power to remove and replace a trustee.

TrustProtector, LLC serves trusts worldwide. To learn more, click here.

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TrustCounsel’s attorneys currently offer a free guide with a handful of tips for preventing trust administration issues. Trust protectors are a fairly new addition to domestic trusts. Without a trust protector, modifying irrevocable trusts, removing and replacing trustees, and other administrative matters generally require a court’s decision. If your trust does not have a trust protector, you may be able to add one. Sign up to receive “Trust Protectors 101” via email, the guide includes: history of trust protectors, powers granted to trust protectors, and how to make the best choice when selecting one. By signing up you are automatically subscribed to our monthly newsletter, occasional invitations to free educational seminars, and future guides on probate, trust administration, and tax law. You may amend your subscription at any time by adjusting your settings in the footer of the email you receive or by contacting our office.

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